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Moonlight Enchanted Lotus at De Beers

The lotus flower has been a symbol in Eastern religions for millenia. It grows from the bottom of streams and muddy ponds to rise and blossom above the water and fulfils a spiritual ideal of being totally grounded in earth yet aspiring towards the divine. Every night, the lotus flower closes its petals together, then sinks beneath the water, only to resurface seemingly untouched the next day. It’s a perennial symbol of beauty, grace and serenity because it lives in the muddy water and still it remains unsoiled.

The Enchanted Lotus diamond ring is currently one of the most popular designs available at De Beers. A diamond pavé lotus motif repeated again and again flows round a row of larger central diamonds. Now for the first time ever, De Beers has introduced ceramic to its repertoire. Two new versions of the Enchanted Lotus ring, the Moonlight Enchanted Lotus and Daylight Enchanted Lotus, incorporates a choice of black or white ceramic, each one handcrafted in specialist Italian ceramic workshops. A day and a half is taken to cast, set and polish a single ring.

This combination of ceramic and the lotus flower is a curious, intriguing blend of old and new. While the lotus flower is rich in ancient symbolism, faience, a ceramic material  was used as early as 4000 BC by artists in pre-dynastic Egypt to make beads and jewellery. Yet in the context of 21st century urban chic, ceramic has become more glossy and high tech than ever before and the lotus flower has become an all too welcome reminder to aspire to radiance and inner peace.

Yet ceramic is also favoured for its hardness, its lightness and its shine – not entirely unlike diamonds, renowned for withstanding all other materials in the endurance stakes and brought to life and optimum brilliance by light itself. Now there’s something to lighten the air and help you breathe more easily.

Many thanks to Claire Adler for her words on our Enchanted Lotus collection.

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