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De Beers Diamond Jewellers unveils its revamped store in iconic London location, Harrods

De Beers is proud to continue its legacy as the Home of Diamonds Since 1888 with a refined new store in the Fine Jewellery Room at Harrods.

First opened in Harrods in 2006, De Beers has transformed the space with a warm and elegant concept, in line with the recently opened Madison avenue store. Every aspect of the store has been carefully considered, incorporating a luminous design style alongside the signature codes that have long emphasised our exceptional jewellery creations. Today, the store reflects the unrivalled heritage of De Beers Diamond Jewellers, and showcases the peerlessly beautiful diamonds that set, rather than follow, all other standards in the world of  diamond jewellery.

“We are delighted to unveil our new home at Harrods. We have designed this new space with our  local and international clients in mind to fully express our brand’s uniqueness and convey our century old diamond understanding in a friendly yet refined setting. Through this beautiful space, dedicated to our craft, we invite our clients to an intimate and personal experience where expertise meets emotion!” François Delage, CEO, De Beers Diamond Jewellers.

The store concept was developed to showcase a varied array of De Beers’ timeless jewellery creations in an atmosphere of welcoming comfort and warmth. Each element has been especially tailored to guide the jewellery devotee round our jewellery collections, including the iconic Talisman and Lotus collections, the new DB Darling diamond engagement ring and our unrivalled High Jewellery.

Inside the focus on refined, feminine luxury continues with noble materials, discreet partitions and statement furnishings. De Beers has partnered with the finest artisans to create this unique space, focusing on the use of subtle contrasts, including silk and wool, refined fabrics, natural oak from sustainable forests and translucent glass, to create a singular atmosphere.

The design-focused interior captures the light in myriad ways, just as De Beers diamonds sparkle from every angle. The interplay of varied light within the store is led by an exceptional and natural rock crystal chandelier. This boutique focal point emits a warm light that combines beautifully with the tailor-made furniture and rich fabric textures. Every effort has been made to reduce the store’s carbon footprint, including using only low-power lighting sources.

High Jewellery is meticulously presented in a round discovery counter, while our bridal and wedding designs are presented dynamically in a curved counter at the heart of the store. Clients are invited to explore each diamond design or create their own solitaire ring via our bespoke ‘For you, Forever’ service, while enjoying the intimacy of one of two private salons. Here, clients are guided into their own unique world and supported by the expert knowledge of our in-store ambassadors.

Visitors to the store will be taken on a journey from rough natural diamonds to romantic jewellery, while marvelling at the Legendary Diamonds and iconic fancy coloured diamonds that mark key moments in our heritage. At De Beers, we know the most peerlessly beautiful polished diamonds start life as beautiful rough diamonds. These ancient natural treasures remind us of a time of myth and legend, when diamonds were compared to fallen stars and praised for bringing luck and protection. This history is celebrated in-store, with customers invited to hold rough diamonds in their hands and experience their unique properties for themselves.

To celebrate the opening of our new store, guests will be invited to step into our world and experience the triumphs of discovery, design and integrity that make us unique.

We welcome you to discover this unrivalled heritage at the Home of Diamonds Since 1888.

A Diamond is forever