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  • "Honouring the infinite love between newlyweds Liu Shishi and Wu Qilong"

    De Beers is delighted to celebrate the marriage of Chinese actress Liu Shishi to her husband Wu Qilong. At their Bali ceremony, the couple exchanged De Beers His & Hers wedding bands with unique engravings. De Beers is proud to have witnessed their love journey from the start following Wu Qilong's romantic proposal with the exclusively crafted De Beers Infinity Heart engagement ring.
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"As worn by the bride and groom"

Inspired by the beauty of De Beers diamonds, Nicky Wu commissioned De Beers to craft an engagement ring design for Cecilia Liu that symbolised their timeless vow whilst honouring the sensational diamond solitaire the couple had chosen. The Infinity Heart was created representing never-ending possibilities. An eternal interweaving path of pavé diamonds around the platinum band evokes the perfect symbol of love through a heart-shape design. The diamond is the hero of every De Beers design and classical sophistication is artfully woven around this central masterpiece. The Infinity Heart is available as a one-carat engagement ring in our in-store bespoke ring service, For You, Forever service.

To honour their timeless vow during their wedding ceremony, the couple exchanged matching De Beers His & Hers wedding bands engraved with the numbers 576 and 644. These exclusive ‘love codes’ represent numbers that phonetically sound alike to their Chinese names – Liu Shishi and Wu Qilong – and are linked by the perfect symbol of love: the shape of a heart.

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