De Beers Yellow Aura Pear Cut Pendant

De Beers Yellow Aura Pear Cut Pendant                 This image is for illustration purposes. To discover the brilliance of our diamonds, arrange a viewing at one of our stores.
De Beers Yellow Aura Pear Cut Pendant

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Priced from: £6,350.00

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Priced from: £6,350.00
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Expertly selected and meticulously cut, the pear cut diamond in this pendant emits a joyous glow suggestive of the suns bright rays, it’s perfect shape defined by our signature Aura diamond halo. This Yellow Aura pendant is a statement of sophisticated style, available from Fancy Vivid Yellow to Fancy Intense Yellow and from 0.50CTs – 1.79CTs.

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De Beers is proud to create exquisite diamond jewellery by hand selecting only the world's most beautiful diamonds and setting them with impeccable craftsmanship in sophisticated designs. Every De Beers Jewellers’ customer has the opportunity to see the beauty of their diamond for themselves with our proprietary technology - the De Beers Iris.

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