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The De Beers Difference

De Beers is the world’s pioneer of diamond perfection, guiding individuals on their personal journey of discovery. Many of our initiatives have helped to shape the industry as a whole, particularly in regards to diamond quality, and today, we continue to innovate. We select the world’s most beautiful diamonds, inspiring our designers to take nature’s works of art and create pieces that are aesthetically exciting and symbolically meaningful.

The De Beers Difference Product at De Beers
The De Beers Difference Product at De Beers
The De Beers Difference Product at De Beers

De Beers True Brilliant

A traditional round brilliant cut diamond is designed to maximise the dispersion of light but not all examples are equal. In our quest to pursue perfection at every step, the De Beers True Brilliant raises the bar on brilliance. We individually select each diamond by eye. Only those deemed to display perfectly aligned facets and angles are selected for De Beers jewellery.

Fire, Life and Brilliance

The experts at De Beers are always attuned to the innate beauty of each diamond they select, represented by a balance of its Fire, Life and Brilliance. Fire is the dispersion of light in the diamond’s facets, projecting a rainbow of colours. Life relates to its natural transparency – how it captures light and reflects it back to your eye. Brilliance is the sparkle of the diamond – the bursts of light that scintillate with every move.

The De Beers Iris and The Twin Test

Glimpsing into the core of a diamond to see each microscopic facet perfectly reflecting light isn’t just something we reserve for ourselves. Every De Beers Jewellers’ customer has the opportunity to see the beauty of their round brilliant diamond for themselves with our proprietary technology - the De Beers Iris. Each store is equipped with this unique demonstrator, allowing you to see through the eyes of an expert.

Experience tells us that two diamonds with the same 4Cs may not be equally beautiful. Under the Iris’ light, the Twin Test will show all facets of a De Beers True Brilliant diamond will illuminate simultaneously, the perfect proportions enabling maximum light reflection.

Diamond Twin Test

De Beers Marque

All diamonds above 0.2 carats that have passed our strict selection process and meet our environmental and ethical criteria are microscopically branded with the De Beers Marque – a logo and unique diamond reference number that is catalogued in our diamond registry. This also allows us to trace your diamond back to you should it ever be lost and found. We are delighted that this process has previously successfully reunited several of our clients with their valuable and sentimental piece of jewellery.

Certificate of Authenticity

Each piece of De Beers diamond jewellery is accompanied by a counterfeit-proof Certificate of Authenticity, detailing the specifications of the piece and guaranteeing that it has been produced from responsibly sourced, conflict-free diamonds.

Service beyond Purchase

De Beers is delighted to offer the opportunity to have your diamond jewellery meticulously cleaned in one of our stores. This is a complimentary part of our After Sales. Find out more about how to look after your diamond.

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