About London View


One of the more recent additions to the landmarks of London’s skyline, the London Eye revitalised the traditional ferris wheel with a modernistic and creative approach.

By leisurely movement the cyclical structure extends its passenger’s spheres of reality, unveiling for a brief time the vast spread and breathtaking landscapes of the city below.

The eye too is a source of inspiration; the power of sight displaying both all that can be seen and all that can be imagined.



The London View design pays homage to the cyclical movement of the landmark itself through the flow of a round diamond line and an intersecting tilted marquise diamond line.

The dual extremes of up and down, earth and air are depicted in the pairings of two diamond cuts (round and marquise), two setting styles (prong and V-prong) and two exquisite pear-cut diamond drops – one of which has a larger carat size than the other to signify the changing views from narrowed to panoramic.

Lastly, the wheel’s modernistic passenger capsules are portrayed through a series of V-prong set marquise diamonds.

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